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A complete range of quality sawings

Our company offers a range of wood sawings, either varied or squared off, 27mm to 80mm thick, and has a permanent stock of 1000m³ and more available.

Sawing block is the most common and fastest technique, which consists in sawing wood in the same longitudinal plane in order to obtain parallel boards.
If you are looking for more finished products, Bois 39 also offers sharpened logs to obtain products with four flat and regular faces.

These products can be sold steamed and dried either by natural air drying or by a drying-room. They can also be sorted out by quality.

Please use the contact form available here if you want some more information or a custom-made quote.

Beech and oak, Bois 39 favourite varieties.

Bois 39 works on any species, but two of them are favored by the company: beech and oak.

Beech is characterized by solidity and hardness, and it can be easily soaked. It is well adapted to gluing, turning and bending. This versatile wood is mainly used indoor, where its uses are manifold.

Oak is a very resistant and hard material. It has a great natural lasting quality – it is both pests and fungus resistant. Oak is an appreciated variety which adapts to all types of environments.